Bakery & Preparation Equipments

We supply wide range of bakery equipments and food preparation equipments from our retail store in Chickpet, Bangalore. Our products are manufactured from renowned companies and have outstanding qualities. These products are widely used in bakeries, condiments, hotels, restaurants, canteens etc. Some of our products include dough kneader, planetary mixture, spiral mixture, wet grinders, pulveriser masala mix, potato peeler machine, bread slicer machine, pizza oven, rotary oven etc. A wide range of food preparation equipments are available with us. These are used in both domestic and commercial kitchens.

Bakery & Preparation Equipments

Mahesh Distributors is one of the major bakery equipment suppliers in Bangalore. We sell all types of equipments which are used in bakeries. Having utmost focus on quality, we have garnered trust and faith our customers all these years. All our products are acquired from reputed bakery equipment manufacturers across India. Once a customer visits our showroom he/she will have multiple choices, brands, ranges of the same product and this becomes easy for him to choose the product he wanted to buy. In addition we give excellent post sales service to our customers. Some of the major bakery equipments that are supplied by are dough kneader, spiral mixture, planetary mixture, bakery mixture, dough sheeter etc. With 2 decades of glorious experience in the field, we have understood the in and out of bakery requirements which helps us to serve the customer better. Today we are regarded as one of the most trusted bakery equipments suppliers in Bangalore.

Mahesh Distributors, a manufacturer, and supplier of kitchen equipment and a variety of kitchen items and hotelware, has been a leading name in the industry for more than two decades. Since our inception in 1995, we have carved a name for ourselves as one of the most reputable and reliable kitchen and bakery equipment suppliers. Our list of customers includes several big names in the public and private sectors that have patronized us through the years and helped to grow our business manifold in our 27 years of journey. To augment our product portfolio over the years we have been expanding and our range of products in Bakery Equipment segments. We are one of the largest bakery equipment manufacturers in Bangalore.

Our products include Bakery mixers, Planetary mixers, Spiral mixers, Dough kneaders, Wet grinders, Gravy machines, Potato Peeler machines, Vegetable cutting machines, and Vegetable chopping machines (manual and electric operated). We also have a Coconut scrapper machine, Meat slicer machine, Meat mincing machine, Khoya making machine, Bread slicer machine, Chapatti making machine, Dough sheeter, Pista cutting machine, Chilli cutting machine, Farsan namkeen machine, and many more. More than 2,000 bakeries use our equipment. We supply customized machines of several brands with the complete assurance of high performance that helped us earn immense goodwill.

We are situated in Chickpet, Bangalore with modern showroom and facilities. Customers from all over the state and neighbouring states visit our shop every day. The quality, gamut of products, best price in the market makes them to visit our premises again and again. Being one of the reputed bakery equipment suppliers in Bangalore, we have stood as backbone of bakeries and condiments across Karnataka. In Bangalore city itself, more than 2000 bakeries use our bakery equipments. Due to customized designs and tailor made products, many bakery owners prefer to buy bakery equipments from Mahesh Distributors. Since we deal products from multiple brands and varieties of manufacturers, it is easier for customers to make choice among array of options. We have very strong and cooperative executives in our showroom to assist the customers to make selections.

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